Season 1 Episode 002: How To Determine If Your Focus Is Correct Or Not

In life, many things can cause us to loose our focus which can result in a loss of hope. In this episode, Rich Darnell shares on how to determine if your focus is right so that you will be able to maintain your focus.


Points that Rich will cover in this teaching include:

  • How to define hope so you have a starting point.
  • How to determine what is moving you.
  • How can you paint the canvas of life with your words.

This is Part 2 of Rich’s series on hope. In Part 1 he shared on

How You Can Start To Reestablish Hope Again!

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Season 1 Episode 001: How You Can Start To Reestablish Hope Again!

In this weeks teaching on DestinyU Rich Darnell shares on how to reestablish the hope in you.

You can build a bridge of hope

In this 1st part of this series on hopeRich goes over three topics of hope.

1) What is hope?
2) Where do I find hope?
3) How do I maintain hope?

There are three keys in this that we can glean from these topics.

  1. The first key of understanding what hope is is to ask this question am I in hope? What I am I expecting to happen in my life.

  2. Identifying what hope is helps me to know what I am looking for but now I need to know where to find it. It is one thing to have a list of what you need, it is another to know where to go and find it.

  3. So a question to me is how to I maintain hope, How do I keep my focus in a world where everything is competing for my attention?

You will find the answers you are looking for in all these questions. Be blessed and know that I am praying for you on your journey of hope.


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Word of the Lord for 2016: (Part 2) By: Phyllis Ford

Prophetic Insights:

Phyllis_Ford_2016_500pxWe are seeing everything that has built up in 2015 come to a complete tipping point. For the bowls of prayer petitions and decrees have come before the Lord and the Lord is about to move upon the behalf of His people.  The events, even the test and trials that were experienced during this phase have been the ground for that which the Lord is establishing now.

His Words:

The Lord is saying, “For now the dry ground is about to become your watered garden. Your proving ground is about to become your breeding ground. For I am clearing the ground and I am cleansing the ground. I am planting in this season of your life and you shall see it and you will taste it’s harvest. For I am rebuilding upon you in this hour, so that you may walk in my abundant life.”

“So prepare your heart in this hour to receive this new planting. Allow the weeds of the past to be pulled up. Let my words become new life and strength to you now. Come away from all that has tried to taint and pollute your fields and receive a new refreshing. For now is a re-digging of wells and the ground is being prepared and new seedlings are being planted. Great life shall spring forth in this hour for those who are hungry and are ready for this new time of awakening.”

“Now there will be a turning over of the soil and the seeds will be planted deep within. There will be great growth and behold the bumper crop season will take place. As quickly as it is planted so shall it also come forth. The harvest will be like nothing you have seen in times past. For this is a part of the accelerated course that has come upon the land, and there will be rapid growth in this season.”

The Lord let me know that 2016 is a time where we will not be overlooked. For even in this month there will be opportunity to grasp, to redeem time, and to move forward onto new ground. If we allow this window of time to go by playing last years games we will watch everyone quickly pass us by and we will wonder where the time went. That which some of us tried to cover and hide will be exposed before all.

(He gave me key words and they were as follows. These are not new concepts but the emphasis on these things will begin in January and continue to carry forth throughout the year.)

Kingdom Convergence: This will be a joining of giftings, callings, and anointings that the Lord will gather in this hour for optimum results. It will be about kingdom minded people joining together to bring about radical change. We will see a cross-pollination of people from various nationalities, regions, and background. These will be a fierce group of kingdom people who will be fearless and focused on getting the job done. There will be a converging within the church structure and groups specializing in particular areas for the purpose of having a greater impact and influence upon kingdom expansion and growth. Many streams will gather and begin to flow together. There will be a blending as God’s people as they unify to do greater works.

Tipping Point: Watch how when the efforts of many move together a tsunami wave of momentum is created having much impact. It will begin in January and go throughout the year. You will see people connecting people, purpose, time, and energy along with great moves of God’s glory touching others on new levels. There will be those who will be carriers of the glory realm coming together. The bowls of the prayers of the saints will be tipped over taking others into greater realms of prayer movements. Prophetic voices, priestly sounds of worship, and Apostolic words of sound doctrine will purge and purify those coming out of deceptions bringing them into great deliverance.

Breaking Ground: I had a vision of ground breaking ceremonies (which included ribbon cuttings). The Lord said that all the Heavens would rejoice over the new ground breaking forth in the spirit realm. There is a fresh new boldness coming upon the land that is liken unto when Caleb went forth to take new ground. There will be new fresh revelation in the area of spiritual warfare that will break new ground as well. Old battles will be finally be dealt with and old generational curses will be broken with fresh new victories.

Beautiful People: I had a dream where I saw a group of people arising out of the ashes of the pain of the past and they were coming forth as lights. There was such a beauty upon their countenance. I inquired of the Lord and a few days later He said, “I am taking a people who have come out of the ugliness of experiences and bringing them forth as a beautiful people. For those who will come out of drug addiction, alcoholism, mental oppression, and emotional struggles will be made whole and new. They will see things in a new way and in a new light. For their past will be overcome by my love towards them.” I saw among them young people who came in groups, and they looked like clusters of light. I saw some of which were previously looked upon as dangerous, but have since been changed by the presence of the Lord, and they were lead by other saints who have had similar experiences.

Reformation Winds & Heavenly Centrifuge: I had a vision of a whirlwind. It turned in a circular motion and as it turned in great speed the furniture in the room was literally hurled around. All of a sudden it stopped and once it did everything was laid in order. The Lord said He was about to set things in order ushering in a Apostolic and Prophetic order that will change churches and even house meetings. People will be gathering together with a hunger for His presence and hearts crying out for transformation and it will take place in the house both apostolically and prophetically. In many ways God will see to it that things fall into their proper place.

Wealthy Place: There will be a transition for those who have been in heavenly places with the Lord into a prepared place of abundance. This abundance will produce wealth vehicles that will come forth to strengthen and catapult the kingdom work into a sound place emotionally, financially, physically, and mentally. A soundness and restoration will begin to come upon the people of God. We will see transfers of wealth and finances that have been previously promised and now will be currently manifested in the lives of God’s people.

Exposures of Wickedness: At the very on set of this New Year we will see an uncovering of wickedness. The Lord will uproot and uncover the lies of the enemy. Infiltration and hidden alliances will be uncovered from with in the government and different organizations. From CEO’s to Presidential candidates with strange bedfellows, all will be uncovered due to their refusal to change. The crossover into 2016 will hold heavy consequences and many who have been warned will see that God is not playing with them.

Great Grace: We all know that where sin doth abound, grace also abounds. The Father’s heart and those He will raise up in this hour with great compassion will be there to catch many in a new net of Love and forgiveness. This will mark a season of leadership with great humility that will through love literally usher a people into the gates of the Kingdom like never before.

Weighty Gates: As we enter this new chapter of righteousness we cross a line of demarcation. This opens a weighty gate where the weightier matters are accessed and balanced with God’s divine timing for fulfillment in order. A great wisdom will be unlocked and this wisdom will lead and direct us through uncharted waters of which we have never traveled. We will know what to do and how to do it during this time. Some didn’t have the grace to cross over into 2016 and we must be grateful. We must also understand that we have been given access. The access we have been given carries with it a wisdom. Wisdom in this hour will be a principal thing and the fear of the Lord will make it’s mark at the beginning of this New Year.

His Words:

“For my people shall receive great healing and deliverance under the umbrella of my glory. For my glory shall fall and my people shall hear the words that I am speaking to them. They shall hear individually and collectively as the words are released under that canopy of my anointing. They will hear my words of healing and cleansing. Major yokes shall be broken. The people shall be transformed. For this is the time that my people shall be set free. For no longer will they come under the umbrella of my glory, my anointing, nor my power and leave the same. I shall loose a lasting change and transformation upon them like a fire. For this is the hour of deliverance and my people will come out of darkness and walk in my light. For it will be my power on the people and my majesty will extend upon them.”


Word of the Lord for 2016: (Part 1) By: Phyllis Ford December 18, 2015

The following is a compilation of dreams, visions, and utterances I received from the Lord concerning the coming year 2016.

Phyllis_Ford_2016_500pxOne of the things that the Lord revealed to me were words that would be frequently used in 2016. These words will have great significance in the media, in biblical teaching, and in other arenas where people will be open to hear and understand.  The two words that will be repeated over and over throughout the year will be “LOVE” and “LIES.” I had a significant vision while in prayer, the Lord said that people would either focus on the foundation of His truth which is His Love or focus on the Lies of the enemy. The choice will be ours.

The Lord showed me that in this season “lies” will be exposed. He revealed to me a divine strategy that will come in the release of revelation. Along with that revelation will come a sound from heaven through praise and worship. This sound will carry another level of anointing  to tear down and destroy the enemies resistance by the release of strong Apostolic prayer. (more…)

“A Month to Enter Your Path of Blessing! Key Prophecy: A New Sound of Movement! The Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Will Quake!” Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX


A Time the Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Will Quake!

Last Sunday morning (January 3), the Spirit of God was so present as we concluded our Starting the Year Off Right Celebration. Below is a portion of the prophetic release that came forward through tongues, interpretation, worship and declaration.

“Do not seek the familiar this year, for the familiar will lead you into passivity. Seek the sound that will lead you into movement. Seek not the familiar that you are used to seeing and hearing, for that will cause you to be stagnant. Rather, seek the sound that will lead you into movement. For My finger is writing a song out of Heaven. This song will change the course of the current path, situation, and environment that surrounds you.

“The heavens will shake, and the earth will quake. I am breaking up the fallow ground of your paradigms, and they are going to split wide open. It’s time to plow the fallow ground. The time is NOW to plow that fallow ground. There is more than your mind has conceived – new patterns, new ways, and new means. The familiar will chain you down to an old thing and way, and you won’t be ready for the breaking of a new day.

“Do not question, for you are hearing Me. Capture what you’re hearing and bring it into obedience. You’ve been working with the iniquities of the ground, but Heaven now will shake and the earth will quake, and with what you’ve been working with I am ready to show you a new way to prosper and succeed. So start plowing and you will uncover the seeds to your future. You will return to divine patterns you’ve not seen clearly in the Word before; or you saw them and you didn’t know how to apply it right. But now divine patterns are coming down!

“I will show you how to break open the heavens and shake the earth. You’ll no longer be working with the iniquities of your forefathers. That will no longer be your paradigm. You’ll no longer be working earth that is cursed, because the blessing is beginning to be uncovered. Plant your future and watch growth begin.

The Sounds of Heaven – Vibrating the Ground

“Learn to move by the vibrations of the sound coming up through your feet. This is how I will move My people into place in days ahead! You will not move by the thoughts of your mind, but by the sounds of Heaven vibrating the ground and causing your feet to sense what I’m saying so you can move into place for the future.

“You will be like the elephant that hears through his feet, and because of that he can hear things coming from miles away. As he hears things coming from a distance and prepares himself for what’s coming, he trumpets with his mouth what’s going on so others can see. Your enemy is confined to the air; he is the prince of the air. But I am the God of the earth and you stand on My ground and can receive My vibrations and My revelation to advance in days ahead.

“I am calling you as ‘Change Agents!’ No matter where you go, you pull the anointing from Me, and that will change the atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of this shaking for it is a remaking. Everything that is of Me will not fall in the shaking. The time is NOW to stand up and move with the cadence of Heaven. You will then be able to shake dens of iniquity and watch dagon’s head fall and roll. The shaking this time is about a remaking. Let Me reshape, remold and cause you to shift atmospheres, for you are truly Change Agents in this hour. Receive a mantle of change. Receive a mantle to shift.

“The sound that is coming down from Heaven is the sound that the ‘New Trailblazers’ will hear. I am equipping New Trailblazers this season. They will cut through the brush and the stubble. As My sound comes you will be equipped. I am preparing new vessels and new vehicles for these New Trailblazers. I am shaking and I am quaking the earth to break up old paths and to construct new paths. Only a new vehicle with a NEW Trailblazer will master these paths. (Photo via Pixabay)

“This is an hour I am beginning to change the language of My people. I am beginning to change the way that My people interpret language. There is a sound from Heaven to connect you with this season. Remember Peter. The people listened to him speaking. They knew that he was not someone educated, but they could feel My authority and power being released. There is a sound and a shofar from Heaven that is aligning with the trumpet inside MY people. Recognize and realize this power from Heaven that is working through you.

“I am causing your language to change and the way that My Word is released. The way that you release and understand prophecy and how I am working in the atmosphere is now changing. One simple word and sound will begin to shift, and people’s minds will begin to grasp and understand the power that’s working in the earth and in the atmosphere. The specifics of what I am doing and where I want to take you will be revealed.

“Healings and miracles will happen as you change your language. One utterance of that tongue can set the course of everything you need to know. I will have a joyful house of prayer for all people. Therefore, if you will start expressing the joy of the house you have, I will develop the joy that I need for your strength to increase.

Watchmen Arise! A Year of Rapid Fire!

“Watchmen, arise. Let your tongues be the pen of a ready writer. As you write, as you bring down the strategies, I am going to cause doors to fall like dominoes. I am going to cause gates to be blown off the hinges. Watchmen, write what you see, write what you hear; I am fine-tuning your ears. I am opening your eyes in a new way. I am bringing you up to an aerial view, so you can look down into the enemy’s camp. You will speak and write specific things, and you will cause ambushments to be set in the enemy’s camp.

“Judah, Judah, I am waking you in a new way. For even as I caused the gates to shake for Paul and Silas as they prayed in the night, so Judah will be awakened in a new way. There is something I am awakening you to, to discipline you in, this year. So break through that fear that’s surrounding you.

“This will be a year of ‘rapid fire.’ This will be a year when I will be shooting down, like lightening, upon My people. For I am calling fiery warriors into place. I will do things in you that you have been waiting to see, but I will call you into a place where I want you to pave the way for others to see. Know that this is the year of the travail of rapid fire.

“I am bringing you out of the desert, out of the war in the desert, and I am calling you to stand on the banks of your Promised Land, and war. Many of My children saw me remove many things, and this was difficult, but it was Me. I am removing that old mindset of the desert, and am placing you in the place where you belong, in the place I have desired for you.

“For this is the season to war in a way you’ve not warred before. So lay down your desert weapons and move forward into your Promised Land and I will establish you. You will hear My voice as never before and you will conquer the enemy that has tried to take you out in the past season. So look up, look up and see that your help doesn’t draw nigh, but that it is already here!

“With every crescendo of your life this year I will take you to a point to put your foot on the enemy. Wait for My exact moment. Then, when you bring your foot down on your enemy, your enemy’s headship will no longer rule you.

“That which has been underground, I will now draw upward. Over that which has had to amass, and that which has had to come together in one way, you will now see what I have gathered. I have been gathering and I have been preparing, and now, I will draw forth.

“To this nation I say that the enemy has been gathering and preparing against you. But you will now strategize to rise against. Do not rise up too quickly, for I can cause the enemy to start moving even as I prepare you to move into his path and ambush him. You are now going to amass and gather in a way you have never gathered, and I will start the gathering. For the contractions of the earth have begun, and because of that, what has been down, hidden, will now be pushed up, and seen. Know this hour for your change has come.”

(Prophetic words by: John Dickson, Chuck Pierce, Anne Tate, LeAnn Squier, Allen Faubion, Melinda Richardson, Tobias Lyons, James Vincent, Michelle Hadley, Shatece McLeod, Raymond Banks, Justin Rana, Marty Cassady.)


Chuck D. Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries